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With the lack of frequent of posts, you’d think that I wasn’t up to much, but nothing could be further from the truth. I’ll post more about it in my Newsletter shortly. Last week was Glor Tire though, 5 days of solid work shooting for this Gael Media production. Glor Tire translates as ‘Country Voice’ and is a singing contest with 9 contestants, 10 bands (including the cream of Irish country music), 3 judges and 2 presenters. Over the 5 days, 11 episodes were shot, so as you can imagine, it’s a bit intense. Here’s Johnny Brady from his set on the show.

20161110 Glor Tire S13 Thursday Xt10 3071 web

Shooting for the show is hectic. While there are lulls, they’re interspersed with high pressure shooting situations where time is absolutely against you. As the stills photographer, you’re completely squeezing all the required shots in around the production itself. I start with studio style portraits. This year I used the AD360 in the 120cm Octa as my white background. The key light was a 70X70cm softbox with a Neweer rebranded Godox V850. I could’ve used another V850 in the Octa, but the recycle time of the AD360 helped a lot. I held a Lastolite Silver/White Trigrip in my hand to fill in shadows using a modified clamshell setup. Each portrait was shot using a Fuji X-T2 and the 18-55mm lens. Using the dual card slot in the X-T2, I had Raw files going to Slot1, and Small Jpeg going to Slot 2. Slot 2 had an Eye-fi card, which was transmitting to Shutter Snitch on an iPad Mini 2 16Gb. This meant that each contest, judge and presenter could choose their favourite image immediately on set, bypassing the need for 15 selection galleries and back and forth with email.

GTS13BTS Cheers to Noel Vaughen for the BTS shot.

For the show, I ran with a double strap harness (just one I got on eBay). On the right was the X-T2, with the 50-140mm f2.8 Pro lens. On the left was the X-T10 with 18-55mm for the wider scene shots. Because of the nature of the show, I shot JPEG. I truly hope that one day, camera makers will offer a Lossy DNG option, to give JPEG sizes with White Balance and Highlight recovery. Generally, I shoot Raw for everything except super high volume stuff ilke this. I shot over 10,000 images, with a first pass bringing this down to 1000. The next pass will half that. 500 sounds like a lot, but with so much happening, it barely gives a flavour of the show, with a small bit of variety.

For the band nights, there’s 3 bands performing. There’s a contestant solo, and a duet with the band leader, as well as the band shots. Generally I shoot 4-5 songs, then import and do a first pass to get the basic edit done before the next band changes over. It makes better use of the down time, and helps reducing the mountain that edit would be otherwise.

This is my 7th year shooting for the series, and it’s always good fun, albeit a lot of work. For me, the Fuji setup I’m using here has made it the most comfortable series yet. The only way I feel I could improve it, would be to switch the wide setup to another X-T2, and perhaps the 16-55 lens (though the 18-55 performed flawlessly).

When the season begins broadcasting in January, I’ll do more posts with all the photos.

With the nice weather we’ve been having recently, I was banking on some nice evening shots. Originally I was supposed to shoot with Viaga from Roza, but she couldn’t make it with work. Fortunately she dragged in Aelita to fill in at short notice. The sky didn’t look like anything would happen, but then we hit the jackpot.

290915 AelitaUrban 6096 web 290915 AelitaUrban 6112 web 290915 AelitaUrban 6129 web

Photo Info
Shot on the Fuji X-T10 with 18mm and 35mm lenses. Neewer TT850 (Godox v850 rebrand) into 120cm Octa. Lit from the side to short light the face. Here you’re mixing an ambient shot exposed for the sky and another of a flash portrait. Set the look of the sky first, then adjust the power of the flash to suit. I’ve aimed the Octa upwards to have less light hitting the ground.

290915 AelitaUrban 6132 web

My mother used to say that I shouldn’t play with my food. I remember some gag about not playing with your food until you’ve eaten all your toys.. but instead I was playing with my toys while playing with my food.

20150826 springonion 3697

20150826 springonion 3680

For the photographers: Neewer TT850 (a rebadged Godox V850) into a 120cm Octa, with silver reflector. Fuji X-10 with 18-55mm OIS at 55. 1/8 power ISO250 1/180 f5, f7.1. Triggered with Yong Nuo RF602 set, as the Godox transmitter wasn’t in the bag. First image had Octa on the left, the second from behind me.

After uploading the post, I realized the gear was still set up from before I got distracted with editing the site after changing the sites theme (did you notice?). So I went out and did a little more styling and did a BTS shot. Also for processing I just changed the Profile to Pro Neg Std and tweaked shadows and highlights. While a little darker and less saturated, I think it looks more natural. Here’s the shot:

20150827 springonion 3722

And here’s the BTS, with the Octa on the left and the reflector (a windscreen sun shade) on the right. Pardon the mess, it was unplanned!

20150827 springonion 3711

Joy. Newest member of the #fujifilm #xmount series, the #xt10 arrived today.

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My new camera arrived today. After spending a very long time getting used to the Fujifilm X-Pro1, I’m moving on to the X-T10, a completely different beast, with a host of features not seen on my DSLR body. Things like wi-fi shooting, intervalometer, tilt screen amongst other expand the range of things I can shoot. The compact size will be perfect for travel, and unlike my first shoot with the X-Pro1 in Birmingham with Alex Shanks, I know my way around the camera better.

Recently I’ve been using the X-Pro1 far more for loads of shoots. I’ve been remarkably happy with it, so when the X-T10 was announced I knew I should go for it. A lot of things I don’t like in the X-Pro1 are improved, and while certain features like an advanced digital level aren’t there for my property work, I think I’ll be using it even more than the X-Pro1.