23, Calbro Court, Tuam Rd, Galway

Macnas are a world renowned street theatre group based in Galway. You’ve probably seen footage of the big heads of Bono and the rest of U2 from the ZooTV tour-that was their commercial arm. I’ve mention more about them in the other Macnas project gallery.¬†These photos are from the Macnas Parade ‘This Thunderous Heart” that took place on the Sunday in the middle of the Galway Arts Festival in 2012, the last of their festival parades (though they now have one later in the year-I was ill in 2013, but hope to get to the 2014 parade!). Repeating the previous years plan, I brought lighting equipment down to the Fisheries Field to shoot as people prepared. Again¬†everyone had individual costumes, making for unique shots. Thanks to Noeline Kavanagh and all her hard work, and all those involved. Here’s my results: Please use the Scrollbar to see all the photos.

thisthunderousheart-001 thisthunderousheart-002 thisthunderousheart-003 thisthunderousheart-004 thisthunderousheart-005 thisthunderousheart-006 thisthunderousheart-007 thisthunderousheart-008 thisthunderousheart-009 thisthunderousheart-010 thisthunderousheart-011 thisthunderousheart-012 thisthunderousheart-013 thisthunderousheart-014 thisthunderousheart-015 thisthunderousheart-016 thisthunderousheart-017 thisthunderousheart-018 thisthunderousheart-019 thisthunderousheart-020 thisthunderousheart-021 thisthunderousheart-022 thisthunderousheart-023 thisthunderousheart-024 thisthunderousheart-025 thisthunderousheart-026 thisthunderousheart-027 thisthunderousheart-028 thisthunderousheart-029 thisthunderousheart-030 thisthunderousheart-031 thisthunderousheart-032 thisthunderousheart-033 thisthunderousheart-034 thisthunderousheart-035 thisthunderousheart-036 thisthunderousheart-037 thisthunderousheart-038 thisthunderousheart-039 thisthunderousheart-040 thisthunderousheart-041 thisthunderousheart-042 thisthunderousheart-043 thisthunderousheart-044 thisthunderousheart-045 thisthunderousheart-046 thisthunderousheart-047 thisthunderousheart-048 thisthunderousheart-049 thisthunderousheart-050 thisthunderousheart-051 thisthunderousheart-052 thisthunderousheart-053 thisthunderousheart-054 thisthunderousheart-055 thisthunderousheart-056 thisthunderousheart-057 thisthunderousheart-058 thisthunderousheart-059 thisthunderousheart-060 thisthunderousheart-061