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After the successful shoot at Kilcolgan Castle, Andreas Reimenschneider has organized another group shoot at Galway Airport. Limited to 24 photographers, there will be 8 models from Roza Model Agency as well as hair and makeup. All details are in the image above. I’ll be on hand to help with technical and lighting queries.

I’ve a few posts in draft at the moment, so in the meantime, here’s some cool happenings from around the web.

Karl Grobl has a great post on what it’s like to work for an NGO (non government organisation). In it he talks about his work shooting for Hopital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti. What I loved most is his honest approach to the work and that he even has time to reveal his thought process on the shots.

I’m in the middle of reading Matt Kloskowskis ‘Photoshop Compositing Secrets‘ book. It’s excellent and I’ll probably do a mini review.. it’s pointless doing a full one because the web is full of them already. I went for a kindle version, as Amazon was sold out. As part of the promotion, Kelby Training put on a webinar today, but it’ll be repeated again tomorrow and posted to the books pages. The first chapter is available to read online (via Kindle Sample), and this actually covers a huge amount of the basics for the tutorials. And get this: the download link for the tutorial files is in this free chapter, so you can follow along.

While I’m drinking the NAPP kool aid, I also want to mention they’ve a new iPad Magazine called Light It. First edition was free. As per most NAPP things, it’s hype, hype, hype, the whole way. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have the Scott’s marketing team behind me! Does the magazine hold up? Well actually, it does.. (bet you thought I was gonna say it didn’t!). The content level is definitely aimed at the beginner, with a nod of the head to the more intermediate photographer (I’m speaking from a lighting ability viewpoint). At this level the mag is well presented, with a good range of features…. and it’s free? Go get it, if you’ve an iPad.

FStoppers have really stuck to the video blog theme and I really love them for the stuff the do/find/promote. I’m a huge timelapse fan, and you can imagine how delighted I was to see them post Eric Kessler’s BTS video from Timefest 2011. Worth the 25 minute watch if you love cutting edge technology and timelapse.

Speaking of compositing earlier, I was shooting a burlesque dancer earlier today to use in an upcoming work. I was reminded of Brian Smiths interview/promo for X-Rite (and the ColorChecker Passport) on shooting burlesque. Worth a watch for the lighting and great characters in the BTS video. If you’re into Burlesque, I followed a tweet back to Burlesque Hall of Fame today and read a cool interview with the outgoing Queen of Burlesque Roxi Dlite there. It’s a little NSFW for some, but enjoyable to see burlesque from a top performers point of view.

Frank Doorhof is showing off some workshop images of Nadine. There’s more to it that that though. He’s also including tips on lighting smoke, controlling and using lens flare, dragging the shutter and mixing flash and ambient.. all in one post.

And a final link that harks back to timelapse. When doing static astro timelapses, you can cheat and create a star trail from the stills that make up the timelapse. Shutter Photo have a 3 part series on making star trails in this manner. Here’s the link to part one.


As part of building up work for magazine submission, I recently pulled together a team to start shooting editorials. Click the photo to be taken to the gallery of final images. As it was our first time together, I’m pleased with the results for a number of reasons. First that it was a large team contributing, and that I had people dealing with different aspects of the shoot, taking pressure of me. I’m used to working tight and small. In fact, I’m even starting to do hair, to add to my makeup skills for when budgets are tight and we still need to pull something off. I’d like to thank my team:

Model: Lily Robbenn
Wardrobe/Hair Styling: Byron B. Yeates
Makeup: Aisling Kelly
Assistant: Saibh Egan

John McGrath also did a BTS video which I’ll link to when he’s finished.

“I took a bite out of a mountain range. Thought my teeth would break, the mountain did. Let’s go, I wanna go, all the way to the horizon.” Biffy Clyro.

It’s appropriate that I’m quoting a Scottish band singing a song about mountains, because I’m just home from a huge circuit of Scotland. I flew into Edinburgh on Tuesday and got home less than 2 hours ago. Basically I’ve been collating material that I hope will become an eBook on how I shoot landscapes, along with practical advice on tools, planning and even a little local information on the photos. Obviously it’ll be Scotland related, but if it works out, I’ll be doing more with Connemara being next, maybe mixed with The Burren. Big plans, but a lot of work. Along with Richard Earney from Inside Lightroom, and Mark Gould, we took a camper van from Edinburgh up to Durness/Tounge and down by Loch Assynt, Eileen Donnan Castle and into Glencoe. A lot of early mornings and post sunset driving with little sleep. The weather was either too nice, or too bad, but we still made great images despite that. It was also very much a Hipstamatic trip. Not to mention the tics. Or rather, let’s not mention the tics.

In people photo news, I did an editorial with Lily Robben, with styling and hair by Byron Yeates, Makeup by Aisling Kelly, and Assisted by Siabh Egan. John McGrath did a BTS video too. Siabh posted BTS photos on her Facebook too. Not sure if that’s private though. Love her processing on the shots. While I have a basic set picked, I’ll be talking to Byron before making the final selection. I’d like to thank all involved.

I’m working on a few editorial ideas for portfolio and for magazine submission, and will post as I’m done. I think that there will be changes soon here though with the blog. Random Panderings was a photoblog traditionally, but moved into a photographers blog. I’ve decided that I’ll be creating a blog for Seanmcfoto.com that deals with my photo work, and aiming Random Panderings at photographers. Work to be done, but I think it’s a necessary distinction. Thoughts?

A headshot of Lily Robben shot with natural light. She looks remarkably like an Annie Lennox shot from the ’80s.
Lily is fantastic to work with and I hope to bring her over for a model day sometime this year.

A simple headshot of Anita De Bauch. Done as a retouching exercise more than anything else. I’d forgotten just how much material I shoot with her. And how much of it is usable. Almost every pose is a great shot, it’s just a matter of choosing the ones you want.

I shot Aisling Danagher from the Holman Lee Agency last week. She was fantastic to work with. Makeup and Hair by Maureen Hanlon.

During the tour with Mark Cleghorn, we had a day off on the Saturday, when we went to Wales vs South Africa. On the Sunday we made our way to Twickenham for the seminar on Monday. We didn’t leave until late afternoon, so that gave me time to fit in a shoot with Becky Dee. I used some of the material from the shoot in the remaining seminars. Here’s a selection of images from the shoot. It was interesting, because Becky normally only does Glamour and I don’t usually shoot Glamour. Mark’s reaction to the bedroom set stuff was one word: ‘Overlit’. Oh well. Live and learn. Mark does have a preference for harder light, and while I often shoot like that, I didn’t this time.

Becky-8652.jpg Becky-8633.jpg Becky-8680.jpg

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A quick one from yesterdays shoot with Alex. I’ll be using this shoot as part of my Raw worklow on Mark Cleghorn’s tour: http://www.markcleghorn.com/training/seminars/photoshop-vs-lightroom-tour-2010


In the process of tidying recently, I found a roll of expired Fuji Reala 120 film (expired 2005). Reala has been discontinued for a while, so I couldn’t help but want to shoot with it. There’s a roll of Kodak Portra 160VC in my rarely used Holga, so it was to the Mamiya 645J I went. If you’re not familiar with the 645J, it’s one of many medium format cameras that use a cartridge for the film loading, rather than a dedicated film back. Of course that means I could never use a digital back with it, but it would take a lot of film and scanning to get to the price of a digital back for me! Continue reading ›