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Getting a cover always feels great. So when the chance came to shoot Everything Shook for The Thin Air came up, I took it. The ladies were a joy to work with and everything was super chill. I took the bus up so travelled fairly light, especially as I was walking for a fair bit to get to them.

TTA Everything shook cover

For the shot, I used a single Cactus Image RF60 with V6II trigger. The flash was set to full power, and zoomed to 105 to give a tight, but powerful beam of light. This was place to camera left. It was on a Manfrotto Nano 5001b, which as at full height to allow the shadows to drop behind the girls onto the corrugated fencing behind them. The angle was such to allow a loupe light on the faces. The great thing about the Cactus RF-60 is that you can control both the zoom and the power from the V6II trigger.

I shot with a Fujifilm X-T10 with the 18-55mm, lens set at 40.7mm. That does mean I could’ve potentially used the 35mm f1.4, but for ease for the whole shoot (there are other images in the magazine), I went with a zoom. The exposure setting chosen were based on a few things. Firstly I wanted to used the ambient light as fill. Secondly, I didn’t want it to be a super flashed looking shots. The base ISO on the X-T10 is ISO200, so I started with that. The Flash Sync Speed was 1/180, so I started with that. The aperture gave a slightly underexposed ambient. Finally I set the flash power-which happened to be full power in this instance. Had I needed more, I could’ve moved the flash in closer.

As the shot was for the cover, and the text is located in the same place with each issue, I knew to leave space at the top for the title. Thanks to Brian and Loreana at The Thin Air for giving me the job! The print version of the magazine will be out soon, and available for free in venues and music stores around Ireland.


The May/June issue of Photoshop User (with Lightroom) Magazine is out now. In my monthly Column, Maximum Workflow, I do a walkthrough of Nik’s Analog EFEX Pro app. It’s part of the Google Nik Collection, which was recently made free of charge by Google. Analog EFEX is a great program with loads of retro looks available.

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The December issue of Photoshop User magazine is out, and of course, my regular column ‘Maximum Workflow’ is in it. For a change it’s a hardware issue, this time looking at Palette, the awesome modular controller for Lightroom, Photoshop and most other Adobe apps. I was delighted to beta test it, and I love using it. The article talks about setting it up and making the most of it in Lightroom.

Photoshop User is the member magazine for Kelby One subscribers and is part of the normal membership package.

Two Galway Bands were listed as part of The Thin Air‘s 15 for ’15: Boyfights and Oh Boland. Ironically both bands share a member, Simon McDonagh, though in very different roles in each band. Here’s the shots.

Oh Boland


This was pretty much the last shot of the day before the rain came pouring down. As the band were heading home, Mango, the resident cat, came over for some loving and the guys were happy to oblige. It’s very simply lit, just a tiny amount of fill flash from on camera to remove shadows on the faces from the top light that was prevalent in the square of the apartment complex. I simply adjusted the FEC (Flash Exposure Compensation) down until I was happy with the light in the shot.



We shot a number of different looks for this, but this was the favourite. Again, not super complicated, but this time a 3 light setup. I made use of a chair to get extra height for a better shooting angle. The band are lit by a bare flash to my right, with 2 gelled flashes in the rear by means of the MagMod holder and gels. I love the MagMod stuff. Easy to put on, easy to change gels, and the grids are great.

My start settings for these are usually ISO400, f5.6, 1/125 sec, with the flash at 1/16 power, with the flashes roughly 6 feet away. Gels eat about 1 stop of light, but darker gives a more saturated look. In the end I was closer to 1/4 power on each with the camera at ISO400, f7.1, 1/80sec.

The hard copy version of the magazine will be out all over the country on Jan 15th, including Galway!

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I’ve recently started shooting for a new Irish magazine called The Thin Air. Their tagline is ‘Global Music & Culture with a Local Accent’. I’ve been shooting Galway based articles and events for them. So far I’ve shot 3 sets for the Track Record feature, where music industry people talk about their 10 favourite records. I’ve covered a few live gigs: The Magic Numbers and Ben Ottewell (from Gomez), and done some band shoots for upcoming article in the January issue. The print version of the magazine will come to Galway for this issue. All good fun. There’ll be plenty more too.

My look at using DxO Optics Pro from within Lightroom is in the October issue of Photoshop User magazine. It’s the members magazine for Kelbyone, but can also be purchased from Zinio as a single issue.

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Clarity Volume 4 is out now! Featuring 73 pages of goodness with articles from yours truly, Piet Van den Eynde, Kevin Kubota & Dave Delnea amongst others.

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For my article, we’ve moved into Develop, and take an in-depth look at the Basic Panel. Other features include Food Photography, Hollywood Glamor, and making ‘Indoor Clouds’ with liquids.


CLARITY is a bi-monthly eMagazine published in PDF format for maximum compatibility with a wide range of devices.

There’s also a subscription offer giving 8 issues of the magazine. Issues 1-4 right now, with 5-8 as they publish.

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The latest Photoshop User magazine is out now with my Maximum Workflow article on onOne Software’s Perfect B&W.

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There’s a 4 page spread with Ballinasloe native, but Greek resident Ria Purcell in those month’s Galway Now Magazine, on sale since Friday. Main photos in the spread are mine, and I must say they look great in this. HUMA was Sharon D, with Styling from Aidan Judge.

Front cover of the Sunday Business Post with Fiona Mangan Millnery.

Photographer: Sean McCormack Models: Edel Quinn, Roseanne Melia Hair: Natasha Richardson Makeup: Suzanne Dolan Styling: Fiona Mangan

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