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Getting a cover always feels great. So when the chance came to shoot Everything Shook for The Thin Air came up, I took it. The ladies were a joy to work with and everything was super chill. I took the bus up so travelled fairly light, especially as I was walking for a fair bit to get to them.

TTA Everything shook cover

For the shot, I used a single Cactus Image RF60 with V6II trigger. The flash was set to full power, and zoomed to 105 to give a tight, but powerful beam of light. This was place to camera left. It was on a Manfrotto Nano 5001b, which as at full height to allow the shadows to drop behind the girls onto the corrugated fencing behind them. The angle was such to allow a loupe light on the faces. The great thing about the Cactus RF-60 is that you can control both the zoom and the power from the V6II trigger.

I shot with a Fujifilm X-T10 with the 18-55mm, lens set at 40.7mm. That does mean I could’ve potentially used the 35mm f1.4, but for ease for the whole shoot (there are other images in the magazine), I went with a zoom. The exposure setting chosen were based on a few things. Firstly I wanted to used the ambient light as fill. Secondly, I didn’t want it to be a super flashed looking shots. The base ISO on the X-T10 is ISO200, so I started with that. The Flash Sync Speed was 1/180, so I started with that. The aperture gave a slightly underexposed ambient. Finally I set the flash power-which happened to be full power in this instance. Had I needed more, I could’ve moved the flash in closer.

As the shot was for the cover, and the text is located in the same place with each issue, I knew to leave space at the top for the title. Thanks to Brian and Loreana at The Thin Air for giving me the job! The print version of the magazine will be out soon, and available for free in venues and music stores around Ireland.


I’ve been an on again/off again lover of Hipstamatic on my iPhone. The main issue I had was waiting on shots, but recent updates meant that was a thing of the past. I truly fell in love again with it in Scotland. On one of the rare times when we actually had 3G coverage, Richard Earney (from Method Photo and Inside Lightroom) noticed that the Hipstacase from Agent 18 was out. I thought it looked cool, but waited until getting home before ordering. Richard said there was an offer on for free shipping that day. Fortunately it was still available when I was ordering (finished now though).

The case itself came with a lanyard/wriststrap and a tripod adaptor. While the case is great, and the lanyard handy, the tripod clip is practically useless. It slots into the ‘lens’ part of the cash and just sits there. There’s nothing to restrict motion, so touching screen to take a shot moves the camera. Hence being useless. Rubber on the clip or a thinner slot would solve this. I was a bit disappointed with this to be honest.

Verdict? The case is cool and definitely the envy of friends. Tripod clip is major fail though. Price @ nearly $40 puts it on the expensive side, so it’s definitely a fan item. If you haven’t bought any of the addon packs for Hipstamatic, you’ll get more out of them than with this case.

Shot info: Quick snap using 7D with 580EXII reverse bounce on camera.