Smcc14Well finally! My website is created via a plugin I made for Lightroom. The intention was to refresh it often, but then I somehow lost the image collection from the site, and the template with all the settings in it. It took a fair while to actually get it back to how I wanted. With that base done, it means I can more easily add new work, and pop out old work.

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I attended tonights Miss Galway competition in The Stock Exchange on Shop Street. There were 18 entrants this year, encouraged by the removal of the height restrictions. There were many models I’ve worked with before in the running: Roseanne Melia, Stephanie Casserly, Mariana Keating and Amy Hannon to name a few. With 3 clothing chances, it could’ve easily run late, but the whole show went smoothly with great work from the MC Declan Gardiner.
Congrats to the winner Leah Tiernan, whom I’ve met previously through her mum Orla Moore from GTI Fashion.

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As GTI’s most visible graduate, designer Laura Jayne Halton returned to help with this years show. Laura goes from strength to strength, and the designs she presented this year show fantastic use of fabric and colour. I had a busy day, so couldn’t stay for the show, but I did grab Laura and her models for a very quick shoot in the crowded halls of the House Hotel. Here’s what I shot quickly in between passing models, students and even ballet dancers. I also have a gallery of student designs to view.

030414 GTI 2747

030414 GTI 2761

030414 GTI 2769

030414 GTI 2773

030414 GTI 2782

030414 GTI 2792

For the photographers: 120cm octa with speed light for main @ 1/2 power, bare speed light in back 1/32 power. Fuji XPro1 1/125 or 1/60 for sync shutter f4.5 ISO400.

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Some recent shots with Emer. Makeup by Ewa Doszczak.

270214 EmerCunningham 6319 Edit web

270214 EmerCunningham 6368 Edit web

270214 EmerCunningham 6446 Edit web

270214 EmerCunningham 6510 Edit web

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Tonight’s Glor Tire is the recap episode, looking at all the contestants performances so far, along with a new song. This is the last episode before the elimination stages.

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Happy St Patricks Day!

130314 Candyland 8929 web

130314 Candyland 8932 web

Model: Shahira Barry
Makeup: Fiona Coyne
Location: Candyland

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Tonight’s Glor Tire is contestant Patricia Maguire, mentored by Jim Devine.

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I know there’s been a lot of Glor Tire. Mostly because the posts have been scheduled! I’m busy with a load of regular jobs, so blogging isn’t a regular as I’d like. Anyway this post should help break up the music. Here’s 3 photo from a recent test shoot with Marie Dorbor. Makeup is by Maria Hynes.
I’ve a few hair shoots coming up, but all will be under wraps because it’s for Wella Trendvision. I really enjoyed the regional final last year. Check out my sitting at the end of the runway photos here:

250214 MarieDorbor 5700 Edit web

250214 MarieDorbor 5643 web

250214 MarieDorbor 5628 web

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Tonight’s Glor Tire is contestant Michelle Cotter, mentored by Gina & The Champions.

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Tonight’s Glor Tire is contestant Farrah Bogle, mentored by Mike Denver.

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