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It’s been a long time in preparation, so I’m glad to finally release the images from my ongoing personal project ‘Hirsute’. Being of the bearded persuasion, it makes sense that I would shoot more beards as part of something that interests me. There’s the whole gamut of hair here from mustaches right through to epic rock beards.
Thanks to all my friends and acquaintances that took part and had the patience for this final release. Thanks to those that took part just from being asked out on the street.

So here it is: Hirsute.

20150825 Spiddle 3585

After doing the Photofocus Lightroom Hangout with Rob and Levi on Tueday, I took advantage of the sun actually being visible to go out and shoot some seascapes. It clouded over while there, but I still got a shot that could be processed. The rain started the second I got back to the car, so timing was good!

In the video I use a range of tools to process this including the Basic Panel, Adjustment Brush, Radial and Graduated filters, as well the Camera Profiles, Crop and Spot Removal tools.

This was also posted to Lightroom Blog.

My mother used to say that I shouldn’t play with my food. I remember some gag about not playing with your food until you’ve eaten all your toys.. but instead I was playing with my toys while playing with my food.

20150826 springonion 3697

20150826 springonion 3680

For the photographers: Neewer TT850 (a rebadged Godox V850) into a 120cm Octa, with silver reflector. Fuji X-10 with 18-55mm OIS at 55. 1/8 power ISO250 1/180 f5, f7.1. Triggered with Yong Nuo RF602 set, as the Godox transmitter wasn’t in the bag. First image had Octa on the left, the second from behind me.

After uploading the post, I realized the gear was still set up from before I got distracted with editing the site after changing the sites theme (did you notice?). So I went out and did a little more styling and did a BTS shot. Also for processing I just changed the Profile to Pro Neg Std and tweaked shadows and highlights. While a little darker and less saturated, I think it looks more natural. Here’s the shot:

20150827 springonion 3722

And here’s the BTS, with the Octa on the left and the reflector (a windscreen sun shade) on the right. Pardon the mess, it was unplanned!

20150827 springonion 3711

I’ve been investing in my gear, and because I love the Fuji X-T10 so much, it was time for their pro tele zoom to make its way into my camera bag.. of course my Fuji bag was tiny, so I got a new bag as well.

New bag too #lowering

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I picked up the Lowe Pro Urban Reporter 250 in a half price sale at my local camera store, Galway Camera Shop. It’s also where I got my new lens, the Fujifilm X 50-140 F2.8 OIS. It’s a red badged pro lens and weighs only slightly more than the slower non IS Canon F4 L 70-200 (The Fuji is 75-210 equivalent). While I do love bargains, I have bought a lot of my gear locally when I can.
This lens is perfect for portraits, sports, and just for shooting things at a distance. At some stage I’ll get the other main Pro Zoom lens, the 16-55 f2.8 OIS. For now the 18-55 f2.8-4.0 OIS will handle that range-something it does admirably.

Bought! #fujifilm 50-140 #lens #photographer

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The lens is superb. I gave it a go first out at the summer fairground at Leisureland, using it for detail shots of the Big Wheel there. Not all the lights appear to be working on it, but I still got some great shots. As the lens has a collar, I put the tripod release plate onto it for better balance. The X-T10 is a small camera, so I’m not risking that weight on the camera mount unsupported. Obviously I remembered to turn off the OIS (image stabilizer) when using a tripod.

DSCF3343 DSCF3356 DSCF3362 DSCF3367 DSCF3370 DSCF3374 DSCF3377 DSCF3401

I’ve used the lens for a studio shoot this week for a client, but I did play with the lens using the wifi on the X-T10 to shoot some self portraits. They were mostly terrible. But I did get some I liked so I ran one through Snapped on my iPhone and then posted to Instagram. Can you tell I’m impressed with this lens?

Playing the #wifi on the #xt10 testing the 50-140 before shooting. It's really sharp. #photographer #selfie #selfportrait #snapseed #blackandwhite #sandisk #elinchrom #beard

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I’m shooting a lot of my work on the Fuji now. All my Airbnb work is done on it now. The Wifi means I can remotely shoot when space is tight. I still use the Canon system for some work, especially low light work with flash like in nightclubs.


After the successful shoot at Kilcolgan Castle, Andreas Reimenschneider has organized another group shoot at Galway Airport. Limited to 24 photographers, there will be 8 models from Roza Model Agency as well as hair and makeup. All details are in the image above. I’ll be on hand to help with technical and lighting queries.

As with most summers, it’s been very, very busy on the work front. Along with a lot of hospitality photo and nightclub work, I’ve been writing a lot, with a new magazine column added to my schedule-I’ve 2 articles due next week in fact. I’ve been shooting a lot of work with the Fuji X-T10. I do love it. I’m still using the Canon 5DIII for nightclub work and for events. The Fuji flash just doesn’t cut the mustard. It’s one of the major failings of the system.

I went to Scott Kelby’s ‘Shoot like a Pro: Reloaded’ tour in London, invited by Dave Clayton. Scott invited me to lunch with him, and Periscoped some of the break. He was also good enough to show off my book to people. Not many people would do that. I also met the editor of the magazine I’ve just started writing for there, so it was a worthwhile trip. I got to hang with Dave and with Glyn Dewis, who’s a really great guy. I can’t leave out Brad Moore, who joined us for dinner. Great guy too.

The London trip coincided with the start of the Galway Arts Festival. I missed some of the gigs, but I did get to John Grant (with Sharon Shannon) and to Kodaline.

Today was interesting because I was shooting for a new Galway Whiskey Trail. It’s a series of pubs and shops stocking fine whiskies, and was launched to commemorate the founding of Galway Whiskey by Henry Persse 200 years ago. At the height of its fame, Galway Whiskey was the biggest employer in the city. There’s a bottle of Persse’s 25 year Old Pure Pot Still Whiskey (actually over 100 years old now) that was valued at £100,000, so it’s more than just about drinking. This is part of the aim of the trail- educating people about whiskey, as well as getting people to drink it of course.

Macnas put on a small parade, followed by a pageant dedicated to the story of whiskey. It was most enjoyable. Using the Wifi feature on the Fujifilm X-T10, I quickly posted a shot of ‘The Master Distiller’ on Instagram. I’ve edited down the set I shot this evening and will post them when I find a suitable gallery plugin for my posts.

Really enjoyed the #Macnas #whiskeytrail pageant this evening. #xt10 #wifi #fujifilm #streettheatre #performance #galway #culture #arts

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20150813 David Kitt 2003

My set of David Kitt with Margie Lewis is up on The Thin Air now.

When I got out of the nightclub on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, the clear skies beckoned me out to shoot meteors. I went with a near choice so the 30 minute drive to Oughterard’s old Glann Road was the one. After seeing George Karbus shot of the Cliffs of Moher from my favourite viewpoint, I probably should’ve gone with my first choice! Anyway, I saw tonnes of meteors and satellites. It was great to get out. I got an hour before the clouds formed around the lake and I headed home. Despite seeing loads of meteors, I was less fortunate capturing them, often seeing them as a shot finished. Better plans for the next time though. (aka a third tripod!)

Here’s a few I did get. The Milky Way looked great so if I get a clear night next week, I will be going to shoot it from the cliffs.

20150813 Perseids 1787 20150813 Perseids 1781 20150813 Perseids 1776 20150813 Perseids 0936 20150813 Perseids 0923

I20150813 Perseids 0932


My Photos of former Czars singer and all round great songwriter John Grant from the Big Top for the Galway International Arts Festival are now up on The Thin Air.

I’ve used the Fujifilm X-T10 quite a lot recently. My Canon 5DIII is feeling a little neglected, though it’s still my camera of choice for nightclub work. The first thing I did was to test it out at a gig, the fabulous No Monster Club at Roisin Dubh last week. Here’s some of the images I shot with it.

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