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MUAH: Pia Cloherty

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French DJ and musician Michael Calfan played Carbon last night. Known for the rather excellent track ‘Treasured Soul’, he played a great set for the crowd.

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Spying a nice evening ahead, I made the trip to the Cliffs of Moher, dragging my family put with me for the drive.
Sunset was nice, though more colour would’ve been great!

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Jocelyn made a trip down for Dublin for a shoot, and we did a huge range of looks. As it’s personal work, I’ll get to processing when I’ve free time (famous last words!). For this I’m mixing a gridded reflector on an Elinchrom BRX500 with Neewer TT850 Speedlites with Magmod Gels using ceiling bounce.

051015 JoceyDee 6344 Edit web

For this I’m bouncing a MagGelled TT850 into a reflector with a gridded key. Latex by Flying Monkey.

I popped into PIA for its 2nd Birthday celebrations. One of the highlights of the evening was the fashion show with 2 former Miss Galways: Laura Fox and Leah Tiernan. The short show was MC’d by none other than Exposé presenter Brendan Courtney.

The 10 outfits shown were all gorgeous and I can see myself trying to borrow them to shoot with-assuming there’s any stock left! Brendan had great advice and suggestions for various body types to suit each outfit. Highly entertaining.

The Galway Player was in too, and looking fabulous as always. He looked great later on in the first waistcoat that was worn by Leah!

I couldn’t not take photos, so here’s a few shot with my Fuji X-Pro1 (while the X-T10 is in hospital) and EF-42 flash (using ceiling bounce). Had I known there was a show I’d have brought a light stand and triggers!

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On work shoots everything is prepared, everything is ready. Sometimes on impromptu shoots, things can be less organised. The other evening we had some Sun breaking through the evening cloud. In the hope of getting a repeat of the light with Aelita, I headed out with my buddy Dave Cooley and a model Pamela, in case we got lucky with it. Rather than drive to the excellent Fanore Beach, Dave had a location that was nearer, and only a ’10 minute walk’ from the car. I packed my stands and Octa, and threw in a shoot thru umbrella for Dave. We drove to the location and got out. Quick check revealed the first error: None of the 3 flashes that live in my were actually in my bag. Doh. No idea when or why they were taken out. Uh oh….#1.

“We’re fine” says Dave. “I have my studio head and power pack here”. “Do you have radio triggers for it?”. “Of course”. I check the Octa on the head, and of course the head is too big to fit properly. Uh oh.. #2.

Fortunately I still have the shoot thru. It fits the head too. Great! So off we set. After 15 mins into our ’10 minute walk’, I look over at Dave and ask “Um.. you do have the power pack for this light?”. Uh oh…#3.

Dave offers to run back to the car, so we head on. In the end, he drives closer and catches up. The light is dropping and the Sun has decided it’s had enough of breaking through clouds and whimpers off into the evening. 25 minutes of walking gets us to the spot, facing west for the glorious sunset clouds. We could’ve gotten to Fanore in that space of time.. but I digress. We start to set up and Dave pulls out the triggers. And then realizes that he doesn’t have the adaptor for the studio light. Uh oh… #4.

A search through the front pocket reveals a small flash, a Neewer TT520. The day is saved! I could’ve used the Octa with this, but the light is dropping, and the Octa is back at the car, so the shoot thru will be just fine.

I should mention that Pamela was a trooper through all this. Even though Dave neglected to tell her about the ’10 minute walk’-which was done in heels. On a rocky trail. That might count as #5, but it worked out ok.

We had about 20 minutes swapping over the trigger before the light was almost gone. With a walk ahead of us in the near dark, we made our way back to the car to go home. Fortunately a lot closer than when we started! As you can see, we still got some nice photos despite all the …errors.

20151001 Pamela 9629 20151001 Pamela 9676 20151001 Pamela 9686 20151001 Pamela 9709

Hey photographers, Lightroom 6.2 came out today, here’s a video on my thoughts about the redesigned Import dialog.

Check out more of the new stuff over on Lightroom Blog.

Girl Band kicked off their tour on Thursday in Roisin Dubh as part of Strange Brew. Hailed as one of the gems of Electric Picnic, the crowd made no disguise of their love for the band. Singing and dancing along to the songs was the order of the day.
I popped in and shot alongside Vincent Hughes, who was shooting for The Thin Air. Great gig.

20151001_GirlBand_7986 20151001_GirlBand_7976 20151001_GirlBand_7938 20151001_GirlBand_7935 20151001_GirlBand_7866 20151001_GirlBand_7851 20151001_GirlBand_7788 20151001_GirlBand_7746 20151001_GirlBand_7679 20151001_GirlBand_7598 20151001_GirlBand_7467 20151001_GirlBand_7450

With the nice weather we’ve been having recently, I was banking on some nice evening shots. Originally I was supposed to shoot with Viaga from Roza, but she couldn’t make it with work. Fortunately she dragged in Aelita to fill in at short notice. The sky didn’t look like anything would happen, but then we hit the jackpot.

290915 AelitaUrban 6096 web 290915 AelitaUrban 6112 web 290915 AelitaUrban 6129 web

Photo Info
Shot on the Fuji X-T10 with 18mm and 35mm lenses. Neewer TT850 (Godox v850 rebrand) into 120cm Octa. Lit from the side to short light the face. Here you’re mixing an ambient shot exposed for the sky and another of a flash portrait. Set the look of the sky first, then adjust the power of the flash to suit. I’ve aimed the Octa upwards to have less light hitting the ground.

290915 AelitaUrban 6132 web
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Giveamanakick are back on the road again. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of their 2nd album ‘We are the Way Forward’, the duo put on a fantastic performance in Roisin Dubh this week with a good crowd in attendance. Support was from Naive Ted (AKA Deviant). Full set of images are online at: Giveamanackick @ The Thin Air

Photo info: As with most of the gigs I shoot in Roisin Dubh, I’m using a set of fast primes and high ISO to capture the show. Recently I’ve been using the Fuji X-T10 for everything, but as I was heading straight to Carbon after, I went with the Canon 5DIII instead. I used 3 lenses for this: the 28mm f1.8, the 50mm f1.4 and the 85mm f1.8. This allows a variety of looks. That said I’ve been using the 28mm and leaning in close to get different looks recently rather than using them ‘properly’. For ISO I’m running ISO3200, f2 and 1/80 on average. My thinking: Stopped down from maximum aperture for increased lens sharpness. Shutter speed fast enough to freeze average motion-you’re not going to freeze head banging with this speed though. ISO is set to allow these. While ISO3200 will add noise, it’s acceptable for type of shoot.