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There’s a bit of a tizzy over people proclaiming their Competition results from the SWPP Monthly competitions. So to clarify to those reading, each month the SWPP has a monthly competition. There are basically 4 scores in the competition U: Unclassified (not good enough standard for competition), B: Bronze (acceptable Quality), S: Silver (Good Quality image, but lacking in some way) and G: Gold (Merit standard, the best). Receiving a Gold puts you forward for the yearly awards and gets you a nice certificate.

Some of the SWPP members have been blogging about their great Bronze and Silver awards, but in truth, these are meaningless as awards. They are competition scores and only the Gold is worth its weight. So if someone is calling themselves ‘Award winning’ with silvers and bronzes from the SWPP, they are not telling the whole story. Ultimately only the Gold has meaning, but even then it’s only the end of year awards that are truly the SWPP Awards.

Anyhow, it was nice to get the Gold for what is one of my favourite Travel images. It was even nicer to have good news in the midst of my recent sadness. I did get silvers and bronzes too, but I won’t be talking about them.

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